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ErvoCom Referee Paging System – set of 3

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The only real beep flags from ErvoCom: the original, but now in an even better version. These beep flags make communication between referee and assistant referee even easier. The assistant referee can alert the referee to a situation during the match by pressing a button on the handle of the flag. The referee receives a vibration and/or beep signal via his receiver in the bracelet. When the signal is successfully transmitted to the referee, the assistant referee receives feedback via a vibration in the flag.

This set contains:

  • Three ErvoCom beep flags
  • A receiver with bracelet
  • A screwdriver
  • A handy carrying bag

The set requires 2 9-volt batteries and two 1.5V AAA batteries.

Product Features:

  • The highest quality standard
  • Feedback to assistant referee on receipt of message
  • Ergonomic bracelet for better wearing comfort
  • interchangeable bracelet
  • Check battery level when turning on bracelet
  • No disturbances when multiple sets are active on the same complex
  • Receiver in the bracelet automatically turns off when inactive for a long time
  • Volume can be set in three different steps
  • Choice of three different tones, different per flag
  • Flag cloth can be replaced
  • The 3 set can be expanded with additional flags

Delivery time:

In stock: 1 working day
On backorder: 3-5 working days

The referee call system RPS2156 is available in the following versions:

RPS2156-2: A pager and two flags
RPS2156-3: A pager and three flags
RPS2156-5: A pager and five flags

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