Why Macron?

Customized service and high quality products

Macron offers a tailor-made service: the design team produces original and unique items to create something special for all its stakeholders: supporters, professional clubs, amateur clubs, individual athletes.

Italian style and attention to detail

Born and based in Italy, fashion and style are intrinsic features of the Macron brand. Shirt designs are influenced by style and fashion expectations of fans and players. No detail is overlooked. Whether design, manufacturing or delivery, Macron ensures that every detail is perfect.

A green attitude

Macron is implementing a range of innovative initiatives and best practices aimed at supporting environmental sustainability: sustainable clothing, eco-fabrics, eco-packaging, a new home with a low environmental impact reflect the company's commitment to its environmental footprint to increase.

Work hard

Macron strongly believes in the values of hard work and constant improvement. Macron entered the sports world as a small but strong player. Our willpower is our strength. Work hard. Play harder.

An ethically productive process

Macron is committed to conducting business in accordance with internationally recognized fundamental workers' rights and ensuring that the "Code of Ethics" is respected throughout the manufacturing process.

Supply chain

Macron is fully responsible for all activities related to his brand: from the production of fabrics to the final sale. For this reason, the entire Macron chain is constantly subjected to numerous checks to ensure full compliance with the strict standards of quality, social and environmental factors that are part of the company's DNA.