Het verhaal achter de orginele scheidsrechtersset van b+d!

The story behind the original b+d referee set!

It all started with a cup match in the Rhineland/Germany in the early 1970s between Andernach and Neuwied. Founder of b+d Winfried Baaser had forgotten all his whistles and kitchen utensils at home and had to borrow everything locally. 'I took these problems into the race and my performance was bad because of this,' says Winfried Baaser.

And yet - in hindsight - it was a good day. Because he completely changed the professional life of referees. When he got home, he came up with the idea for the referee set.

It should be a folder that contains everything a referee needs to run the game! Winfried Baaser was then general manager of a wholesaler in sanitary & heating, but he always had the desire to become self-employed. And the referee set was the right idea!

The businessman has experienced from the beginning that having his own business can lead to many sleepless nights: to make the production worthwhile, we had to have a correspondingly large number of items to produce. That cost several hundred thousand Deutsche Mark (currency before Euro) and was a big risk - we didn't know if anyone would buy the thing from us.

At the time, Mr. Baaser had the flat black covers sewn in the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Kirn, where the industry in question was located practically on the doorstep. And to make his new product known to potential customers, Mr. Baaser used a special medium 38 years ago: he enclosed an advertising brochure for the referee newspaper DFB. A direct hit, because the readers were all potential customers and turned out to have only been waiting for this offer. He sold 30,000 pieces of the referee set in the first year.

Soon b+d also offered the yellow and red cards separately and they soon had a huge turnover in game notes and whistles, even with ballpoint pens. These products are now also available at Klaver Sport! The original b+d referee set costs €26.95, you can find it here !

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